Heard very good reviews about the tamil movie Thegidi. Some tight deadlines ensured that I didn’t get to watch it the first week of its release. The movie has been acclaimed by the critics. And yet, it is taken off theatres in Bangalore after a week. Now, even if I have time, there is no way to watch the movie in Bangalore (which is where I live).

The system is so screwed up. Providing legal ways to watch a movie is a good start. A netflix-like model for Indians would be a good thing. 2-3 weeks after the movie’s theatrical release, the movies can be released on an online platform where can people can watch the movie. It could be a subscription based model (similar to netflix) or one-time pay and watch kind-of model (similar to google play store and amazon).

Until such reforms are made, innovative films(particularly independent films) are guaranteed to fail in India.


Pandiya Nadu

The past three days, I’ve watched 4 movies. The one that I finished watching just now is the tamil film “Pandiya Nadu”. Starring Vishal, it is a revenge story. What is striking is that, Vishal, known for his over-the-top fight sequences (everything unbelievable) has done a very believable movie. The acting has been very good (particularly, Bharathiraja as Vishal’s father is the pick of the lot). The fight sequences and how the revenge plot is played out more in line with reality than with the typical masala-type unbelievable movie sequences.

It is a pity that it got released along with Aarambam and Krish 3. It would have made better money had it been released solo, without competing with big budget movies.