Game Theory

I am watching the lectures of the online MOOC coursera course: Game Theory by Stanford University professors. I am exactly half-way through the course and I find the course to be extremely brilliant.

I am kinda sad that I missed the course during its regular offering. I plan to finish the course and do the Game Theory II offered by the same professors next week. That being only a 4 week course, I hope to be motivated enough to finish the course successfully.

While Game Theory seems intuitive, mathematical formulation and theories/algorithms to solve them has fascinated me.


Linear Algebra

How I wish I had a teacher like Gilbert Strang(MIT) when I was doing my undergraduate studies. I am currently watching his video lectures in the MIT OCW website. Absolutely phenomenal. The way he paces the lectures, the way he provides intuition – absolutely mindblowing.

I am exactly half-way through the course. It might take me another month to finish the course. But, already, it has enriched my understanding on the subject.

It is interesting to think that while coursera was launched last year – MIT OCW has been around for a while. For someone who wants to learn advanced subjects and lacking the resources/time to do a full-time study in that area, these are brilliant resources to leverage.

Sometimes I wish I’d started doing this earlier. As the adage goes: better late than never !