customer service at hospitals

Customer service at hospitals need to improve a lot more. People pay visit to hospitals to cure their sickness. The environment must brim with energy. Alas ! That’s the last thing one can expect. Most people are grim faced and are seriously running helter-skelter. While the doctors I know are a cheerful lot, the support staff need to up their game. 

Another big issue is that the process is not streamlined in the hospital. I wonder why no innovation is happening in hospital sector to make it more streamlined. There are so many places where an efficient process can be so effective and improve customer service and customer relationship.

Let me quote an example. When you see the doctor, the doctor examines you and prescribes a set of medicines. The next step is to go out to the pharmacy and wait in queue and then buy the medicines. Instead, what if the medicines are already available when you reach the pharmacy? (I am talking about hospitals that have in-house pharmacy that can take advantage of such a setup). 

Unlike shopping malls, just by the virtue of a person staying more time in a hospital does not translate into more revenue. He is there in the hospital precisely because he wants to be there. Hospital is no fun place to be in. No point being there if everything is fine. And so, why not have efficient process to improve turnaround time. That’s bound to improve customer happiness and he’s bound to remember it. 

No hospital I’ve visited follows this practice. Right from the time you enter to the time you exit, there’s huge time wastage and looking at other patients is more depressing than what one might think. 

For regular customers, there could be a prepaid card. Appointments can be adhered to. And importantly, patients can be periodically checked upon using a mobile message to check if their recovery is on track. The moment such a hospital comes up, people are going to flock in (of course, hoping that the medical  facilities and treatments are good). 


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