True Detective

Back this summer, some of my friends living in the US started raving about the HBO TV series True Detective on facebook. Particularly, I was impressed by one video posted by a friend. It was a six minutes drug-busting scene. It was quite good. And for a TV series, that was brilliant (better than many similar scenes I’ve seen on movies). I’d noted down the TV series as one I wanted to watch this year.

I don’t like to watch TV series on TV channels. There’s more advertisements and I find that a showstopper to the flow of the story. That’s one reason why I love Netflix. But then, there’s absolutely no chance for HBO to provide this series to Netflix. I don’t torrent or illegally watch movies/tv series. I generally wait until it comes out in DVD. And being in India, most of the times, the wait is much longer.

A month back, while casually browsing Amazon’s India website, I realized that the DVD of True Detective is available. I immediately ordered it. And the past week, I had the opportunity to binge watch it. I watched 3 episodes on one night and 5 the next night. It was almost 4 am when I finished the series. And oh boy ! what an amazing series. I was so impressed with True Detective.

The story is about two detectives tracking a series of murders that seems to be motivated by a cult-related ritual. The background score is brilliant. It really brings out the right tempo throughout. I wouldn’t categorize this as a edge-of-seat thriller. While it does have its moments, unlike other crime detective series, the personalities of the two lead detectives are thoroughly brought out. It talks about how they operate, what personal problems they face and what kind of inter-personal issues they face with each other. 

I am already awaiting the team’s next season. From what I read on wiki, it seems like the next season will have a different set of lead actors. (The series follows anthology pattern). 


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