Activities on which I wasted a lot of time

When in school, I used to watch a lot of cricket. Heck, I even watched if it was a match between two bad teams. Even if the result was a foregone conclusion. That, I think, is one of the things I really repent doing. That time could’ve been spent in a better way. I’ve almost stopped watching cricket these days. 

I’ve also seen a lot of movies. I particularly don’t resent that. Inspite of watching a lot of bad movies, I feel that it presented me an opportunity on what good movies and what bad movies are. I somehow felt I learnt a little from every movie I watched. Some movies impacted me a lot, but most of them ended up entertaining me in one way or the other. These days though, I can’t stand bad movies. I read a lot of reviews before deciding what to watch. Gone are those blind first-day-first-show movies. 

Right from the time I finished my undergraduate to the time I finished my post-graduate (a period of 5 years), I chatted a lot using the web. I started with yahoo messenger and msn messenger, but eventually, it became gtalk full-time. I used to have more than 10 windows open all the time. Again, a huge waste of time during a period where I could’ve learned a lot more and put my time to effective use. Cut forward to the current time, I don’t chat at all. Even whatsapp has been sporadic. I am glad I am out of this addiction.

I also used to be addicted to facebook. Start of this year, I started experimenting not checking facebook for a few days. And I realized that I didn’t miss anything. In fact, I was able to find other good sites where I can find information that can satisfy me intellectually (the primary one of late has been hacker news).

Right from the time I was in fourth grade, I’d been reading newspapers the first thing in the morning. Back then, I used to read the sports section in its entirety. Two months back, I stopped reading newspapers. I consume all my news digitally. I primarily check a few times a day. I also subscribe to some feeds that curate news and I get it over email. This way, I keep my consumption of necessary and unnecessary news to a limit.  



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