MOOC -Q1 2014

I’d told this earlier on this blog – I’ve registered for a LOT of courses online. It has been a challenge to finish the courses.

Now that Q1 is ending, I’ve successfully started and completed the following courses (or close to completion):

1) Mathematical Biostastics II – by Brian Caffo (JHU).

2) Game Theory with no chances – (Gerogia Tech)

3) Computer Networks (U Washington)

4) Elements of Statistical Modeling – Trevor Hastie (Stanford)


I hope to complete atleast two MOOC in the next quarter. Will write a post when that time comes.


IPython Notebook

I am totally impressed with IPython Notebook. A lot of reasons on why I like it. But the main reason has got to do with its readability.

Now, I am still learning Python. Long way from using it. The first time I coded using Python was last March (so, exactly a year since my first program). But, I’ve never really seriously used it until now. I am just beginning to program more in Python and hopefully in the next 3 months, should learn enough to be proficient and comfortable using Python.

In the initial days, I ran directly from the terminal. Then, about 6 months back, I discovered the wonderful Anaconda package. I installed it and then a few days later, learnt about IPython. From then on, I’ve been typing commands on the IPython prompt on Terminal.

This changed a few days back, when almost browsing with no real intent, I chanced upon IPython Notebooks. I didn’t realize what it was. I marked it as a follow-up to be read in a week’s time. Then, I repeatedly kept hearing about notebook on youtube (paid advertising I guess). This piqued my interest. I then took the effort to read all about it. (Now I know that it is extremely easy – but making the shift first time is always difficult).

One of the cool things about IPython Notebook is that, the output gets displayed and is saved along with the code. This is so cool when one needs to figure out what each option had produced as output later on. And creating it as a webpage is so easy. This doubles it up as a educational/explanation platform too. I do wish I’d figured this out much earlier. But then, later than never is a good policy to take.

Another thing I found out was that the Python code can be directly executed from Sublime Plus. I’d always been running the code from Terminal (though, the code was written using Sublime Plus).

Probably, I am finally relishing the joy of programming. The next few weeks should say about that !




Finally got IPython notebook to work. It took a while to understand all the errors and how to resolve them, but finally, yesterday, had it to work. Feels good when I get to fix some tech issues 🙂


Heard very good reviews about the tamil movie Thegidi. Some tight deadlines ensured that I didn’t get to watch it the first week of its release. The movie has been acclaimed by the critics. And yet, it is taken off theatres in Bangalore after a week. Now, even if I have time, there is no way to watch the movie in Bangalore (which is where I live).

The system is so screwed up. Providing legal ways to watch a movie is a good start. A netflix-like model for Indians would be a good thing. 2-3 weeks after the movie’s theatrical release, the movies can be released on an online platform where can people can watch the movie. It could be a subscription based model (similar to netflix) or one-time pay and watch kind-of model (similar to google play store and amazon).

Until such reforms are made, innovative films(particularly independent films) are guaranteed to fail in India.