What to post?

It has been 6 days since my last post. The problem is – the time when I have some ideas on what to write is exactly when I am not in front of computer. A paradox. Whatever. And now, when am using laptop and am thinking of writing something, I am clueless on what to write.

Just to keep the momentum, let me write some random stuff.

Of late, I’ve been doing quite a few MOOC. The problem is, in most of the courses, the first few weeks are so underwhelming that it is very difficult to keep up my focus. Either the content is low or the instructor isn’t interesting. Of course, why should I sign up for a MOOC if the subject doesn’t fascinate me. So, the problem is not with the subject. And in most cases, I don’t expect it to be advanced. But from what I see, there are a LOT of courses that are catered towards people starting in the field. Very few advanced courses. I truly hope that quite a bit of masters and PhD level courses are offered. I am looking forward to a collaborative research springing out of MOOC. And I really don’t think that would be impossible. For example, Netflix competition introduced a LOT of methods in the field of machine learning. And really made it popular. And with a dedicated group, I am sure research should be possible too.

I’ve found Kaggle competitions to be very enticing. The problem I face though is, my skill level isn’t at the level to win prizes. And once you realize that you are not skilled for that level of competition, the motivation to churn out mediocre after mediocre results isn’t there at all. Unfortunately, that seems to be way to gain knowledge and eventually win the prizes. But with so many other commitments, I am just not doing enough work to gain that knowledge.

I’ve also challenging myself to program a bit everyday. The problem again has been that the motivation to do that has been lacking. That too, severely.

Let’s see where I head to next.


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