slides in coursera

In many of the courses in Coursera, the slides for each lecture is independent. What I mean to say is, there’s a 10 min lecture and it has about 3-5 slides. And there’s another lecture and it has its own set of lectures. The problem with this approach is – the number of slides in the course explodes. Agreed that the size of each slide is small. But I see a major problem in this disaggregation of lecture slides for a week.

The first is that the individual lecture in a week are not independent. The typical practice is to take a topic, break it down to individual sub-concepts/sub-topics and cover them in each of the lecture videos. Which means that all of the lectures combine to form a concept that the student has to know. It does help during the course duration to refer to a particular sub-topic to refresh the concepts or look up again. And I totally agree with the concept of disaggregating the lecture videos. That makes it easy to digest. (Will blog about the disaggregated lecture videos sometime later on). But then, when a student wants to refresh the course, say after 6 months, it doesn’t make sense to open each file and go over 3 slides, close it and again open it, etc. It is extremely cumbersome. And I am sure that the student loses interest after a while. Atleast for me, I would prefer all the slides in a week to be one single huge pdf. That way, when I want to refresh the course, I can open it and skim through one single file. Makes it easier for consumption. Opening 1 pdf rather than opening 15 pdfs – I guess the answer is straightforward. And I agree that there are folks who prefer disaggregated slides. Fine with me. Let that approach continue. But option should be provided to aggregate the slides too.



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