I seem to write/blog for a few days and then am away from blogging for months together. Just when I was wondering how to keep up writing, I got a wonderful email from James Altucher. I thought that was a God-sent article.

The email talks about how to keep writing and how to be motivated to write. Now, it is not easy to write compelling articles. It takes a lot of effort, conviction and a sense on what would work. James advises to start writing in Quora and other blogs. That would be a good start to hone the writing skills and also to gain some followers. I also found that writing reviews is another thing that can be added to the list. Once you’ve consumed a particular thing (can be book, movie, etc) write how you felt about it. Could follow a rubric or generally write about how one feel about that thing(book/movie,etc). Again, becoming a critic is not the point. But to keep writing.

And another thing is to write atleast 300-500 words a day. Now, that is not easy. For example, this article is currently less than 200 words and I feel that I don’t have anything more to write. Also, need to re-write to express the thoughts in a concise and cohesive way. That’s not something am good at.

Anyway – I’ve found a couple of avenues on where and how to write. And hopefully, after writing for a few months, I hope to see an improvement in my writing

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