It has been about 6 months since I moved away from Windows system to a Mac. Initially, I really missed Windows. And on hindsight, I realize that I missed the comfort of seeing a system I knew (rather, a system I thought I knew). Learning a new UI is a daunting challenge – particularly when you want to find a replacement for all your office apps that won’t run on Mac. For the first few weeks, I logged onto the Windows VM installed on Fusion a LOT. At some point, I started to explore Mac a bit. I am still a Mac novice. Lot has to do with the fact that I don’t understand how the file systems are arranged and how to leverage the system very well.

But I call tell this – Mac is extremely intuitive. I no longer like working on Windows. Windows has its own advantages and many of my office apps that I use the replacement-version-of-Mac isn’t as good as the Windows version (case: Outlook. Email is so integral to a remote employee and outlook for mac is nowhere near as good as the Windows one). But then, the speed of my system, the sleek design and look and the extremely intuitive Mac interface has made me hooked onto the system.


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