Linux is one of the many things that I feel I should’ve learnt really well in college. I hardly know Linux and these days, with all UI replacing age-old setup stuff, the motivation to learn Linux is really low. And that makes it kinda hard in the long run because, without knowing how the internal works, a lot of stuff can take a longer time. This might seem like a ridiculous idea. But I would tend to argue that this is the case.

For example, yesterday, I was installing a deep learning module in Python. And installation produced an error that a particular environmental variable is not set. Had I known how to script in Linux, this would’ve been a very easy fix. Instead, I had to wait for almost 24 hours to find how to make it work. And there have many other cases as well.

The Indian educational system is extremely bad. The background they impart make the students really weak in those subjects !

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