VCD print

Amazon’s INdia site had a few movies that were VCD prints and were LOT cheaper than the DVD. I assumed that the print wouldn’t be all that bad and so, went ahead and ordered 4 VCD prints of movies that I’d been wanting to watch for a while. And in a couple of days’ time, the movies arrived promptly (And no prizes for guessing correctly when – today morning !). The VCD prints were really inferior. I opened that on the laptop. Probably on the TV, it might look a tad better – but still no where near a good quality print. With no strong cyber laws in India, piracy is so widespread. I prefer to watch original prints and am willing to pay for it. But if the price of DVD in INdia is the same as the price in US (so, in US one can get a DVD for $10 and in India, it costs Rs.599 – same conversion rate), piracy is going to rule. Need India specific pricing. It may not be beneficial in the short term (well – we can go ahead and draw the short-run supply/demand curve and I am sure the model is going to predict a higher price, given the low demand). But keeping prices low might nudge a lot of middle class folks to start buying original DVDs in the long-run. And might be a better strategy for the movie industry in the long-run. Not sure the people who matter will understand this or not.


PS: This seems to be my first serious article đŸ™‚


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