I’d always thought that I was a good programmer. And quite recently, I’ve figured out that that was my self belief but in reality, I’ve become a pathetic programmer. It is just that I no longer use my programming memory muscle.

I’ve pushed myself to start learning Python. And so, to start with, the programs I’ve been doing have been relatively easy. Very straight forward.

Today, I implemented quick sort. First time I am implementing quick sort based on algorithm and not looking at the code. And I was getting error even though the algorithm was correct. So, that ought to be a programming error, is what I reasoned out. And turned out to be right. I finally fixed a small bug. On a high now- for finally being able to code something 🙂

A good path would be to program for an hour every day. Program something. Maybe, try to program the same stuff – but doing that will improve the programming skills and will one day come automatically.


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