I wouldn’t say that I am addicted to facebook. But then, I tend to keep checking facebook multiple times every day. It seems to take a lot of my mind space and of late, with hardly any activity to keep me interested on facebook, I still tend to browse that and so, obviously, have wasted lots of time.

Part of this year thought process is to limit checking facebook once every few days. For the first time ever, yesterday I limited myself to checking facebook – zero times 🙂 . Of course, I entered facebook.com on the browser multiple times. But I’d logged off facebook the day before. So, every time go to that site involuntarily, the login page shows up. And then, I am reminded of my decision to stay off facebook. And so, I quickly move onto something else.

I am not sure if it is going to be easy staying off facebook. Or not. But for a start, I’ve stayed off it for than 24 hours now. Voluntarily. Even today morning, I entered facebook on the browser. I hope the frequency drops.

For now, I am checking Twitter. One advantage of twitter over facebook, that I perceive is that, there’s so much content out there on twitter and the messages are so small that, I can indulge myself there for a while and not get sucked into getting addicted. Not many followers and so, I dont get any messages on twitter. And I get to read news most of the times without wasting a lot of time.

Will update the blog in a few weeks’ time on how I am doing on facebook de-addiction process.


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