MOOC courses in 2013

2013 definitely seemed to be the year of MOOC. Lot of courses and instructors got into MOOC rampage. I personally like the interface of Coursera. Their way of organizing stuff seems to be their biggest advantage over their competitors( edX, Udacity, etc) 

I registered for over a 100 courses. And I finished exactly 5 courses with certificates of accomplishment. Phew ! Talk about motivation ! 

The courses I completed:

On coursera:

1) Microeconomics : Penn State Univ

2) Macroeconomics : UC Irvine 

3) Behavioral Economics: Duke Univ

4) Mathematical Biostatistics I : John Hopkins Univ

Additionally, I took the course Learn from Data offered by Caltech. It is now offered on edX.

Learn from Data is a machine learning course. And is insanely brilliant. It is even better than Andrew Ng’s course on Machine Learning on Coursera (which itself is a highly rated one). 

Behavioral Economics was taught by Dan Ariely. I can say without a bit of hesitation that it is the best course I’ve ever taken. Dan is a brilliant teacher. The course has something for everyone – for beginners and also for advanced folks. There’s research papers that one need to read. There’s a project report to write. And the lectures are so interesting. One should definitely take the course, atleast to understand how good a teacher Dan is.

Hoping that in 2014 I get to do lot more MOOC and do lot more active learning !