Pandiya Nadu

The past three days, I’ve watched 4 movies. The one that I finished watching just now is the tamil film “Pandiya Nadu”. Starring Vishal, it is a revenge story. What is striking is that, Vishal, known for his over-the-top fight sequences (everything unbelievable) has done a very believable movie. The acting has been very good (particularly, Bharathiraja as Vishal’s father is the pick of the lot). The fight sequences and how the revenge plot is played out more in line with reality than with the typical masala-type unbelievable movie sequences.

It is a pity that it got released along with Aarambam and Krish 3. It would have made better money had it been released solo, without competing with big budget movies.


Anand Vs Carlsen

The world championship match between the incumbent Anand and World No.1 and challenger Carlsen is underway in Chennai currently. As I write this, the first match was drawn after just 16 moves. I’ve been telling for a while that Carlsen is way too good in the current matchup. There is no doubt that Anand would have put in a lot of preparation for this series, but then, given the way Carlsen has been playing the past couple of years, Carlsen is the favorite to win the championship.

I hope atleast a few classic matches happen !

Blogging again !

Been so long since I blogged. Last time around, I wanted to blog everyday. That remains the case even now. Over a period of time, enthusiasm to blog dropped off. It is not that I didn’t have anything to write about. I consider this to be just some random mumblings and musings. Is it really possible to get good at writing? For now, that seems to be the question I want to see answered.