Single Sign On is a boon in many instances. Until recently, websites that require login will typically logout the user if he is inactive for a while (there’s computation cost to keeping the user logged in, whilst he is inactive). And we’ve generally got used to the point of being logged in, sometimes, getting logged off can be a good thing.

Of course, banking sites and other key applications still do that – more out of security point of view. And we do feel good about it.

There are a few cases where being logged in has made me feel vulnerable, with respect to my time.

Having email open all the time, the email keeps coming in and everytime a notification is shown, I am distracted from my current activity. Facebook is another mail time killer (and of late, THE major time killer). And so, what I’ve started doing from last week, I log off once I finish replying to emails or done checking facebook.

As an involuntary action, whenever my hand goes to the browser and types or any of the email sites, I am thrown to the login site. That reminds me that I am not supposed to waste time. Also, the added time for logging in is kind of unpleasant.

This has nudged me away from wasting time.

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