Last Resort

Last Resort is a US TV series (Wiki) . I finished watching all the 13 episodes. I should say that I was thoroughly entertained and mind-blown by this series. It had enough suspense to keep the thrill going on throughout the period when the series ran. Mind-blown because – for a TV series, the subject was very intense. 

The most famous TV series generally end up being sitcom kind of stuff; lot of humor(and adult humour) kind of stuff makes the series run for a long time. For a series this intense, and this good, I was dejected to know that ABC decided against continuing for the whole year. Still, the 13 episodes makes it a great watch. The lead actors acted very well. 

Sometimes I wish someone starts making such serious drama for Indian televisions. The current set of TV series can make anyone dumb. I heard someone tell the other day that watching the TV series makes one believe that crying and suffering of women is an integral part of Indian culture. Really? Is that what the TV series makes people believe in? 


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