Low-fat/Healthy food option for companies

Most of the company-cafeterias that I’ve been to, across various cities in India, I’ve always realized that the cafeterias miss the “healthy” food option. Low-calorie food option is never an option. (Ok – I dont want to include Maggie on that ! That’s hideous). Coffee/tea filled with lots of sugar; roti splashed with ghee/butter; dosa made with recycled oil; the examples can go on forever.

No doubt that there has been a splurge in health issues with the young. I see lot of folks in the information technology sector; middle-aged men and women; and one thing they can all tell is that “cylinder is also a shape”. That’s how many of their shapes are. Paunch and sagging cheeks and what not.

Now, remember, these are people with enough disposable income. I wonder why hotel companies have not exploited this tendency to offer a new varient : fat-free or low-fat food options. In the USA, you could find the calories in each of the menu options in a few restaurants (Manhattan insists this, for example). This can nudge the health-conscious people to pick the menu option that has low calories (and can be expected to be reasonably priced higher).

Home-cooked style, low salt, less oil, less spicy kind of food can find many takers in those places. I wonder when hotel companies will start thinking about those. Or probably a good idea for a new venture?


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