Rashmi Bansal

I am yet to read any of Rashmi Bansal’s books. I’ve been wanting to read all of them for so long. I follow her blog and probably read most of her blogs she wrote the last couple of years (link).

I read her recent article just now. (link). She talks about how to write a bestseller. It is a brilliant article. I agree to her points on what needs to be done to write a best-seller. And it is indeed lame for Economic Times to suggest that if someone goes to IIM, their chances of writing a best seller is somehow higher. That’s utter bullshit. But then, in my opinion, that’s what the readers want to read and they get what they want to read (well – having a preconceived notion !). Somehow, get into IIM. Tra-la-la it is like a genie that transforms everything about oneself and makes any destination a successful one. How lame !

On another point, I felt guilty for not blogging yesterday. Yes. I want to keep writing, even if it ends up being a couple of sentences, everyday. Anything. Something random. I believe that at some point of time, my writing style will improve. I thought of not writing today too. Until I read Rashmi’s article. One more reason to write about her.


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